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Why Syndicated Healthcare Content is a Waste of Money

You need content, and syndicated “articles” give you the most bang for your buck, right? Not so fast.

Publishing web content that is relevant to a healthcare organization is one of the most effective ways to develop and grow its brand. While syndicated content can help you do this quickly, healthcare organizations are sure to see a stronger return on investment when content is original and unique. Here’s why:

Readers want to know an organization’s story.

Last year, Time Inc. surveyed 17,000 Gen Xers, millennials, and Gen Zers to learn their opinions about custom content delivered by brands. About 90 percent of respondents were interested in custom content that would engage with them, and 89 percent believed that custom content is an excellent way for companies to break through the oversaturation of information online. Plus, 92 percent were of the mindset that brands — whether a hospital system or toothpaste company — have expertise on certain topics, and they therefore add value to the content these respondents are already consuming.

Custom content can establish a brand as a top destination for information — and care.

It’s no surprise that consumers shop for healthcare, turning to search engines and social channels to investigate their options. By publishing original content, you’re helping future patients understand why they should choose your hospital system over another. Tap into physicians to write articles (they’re the subject-matter experts, after all!) or use them as sources in insightful, timely pieces on the hospital’s blog. Patients digest content at various cycles of the continuum of care — from preventive to treatment stages — and custom content can help ensure they think of your healthcare system when they need services.

Original content has a greater impact on search engine optimization.

Yes, syndicated content can be good for SEO, especially when visibility can be earned without investing quite as much time or money as original content requires. But, since syndicated content is published on a number of different websites, other sites can easily outrank a small healthcare organization’s clicks. When it comes to investing in custom content, writing for the target audience — rather than the search engine —is crucial to generating leads for future business. Publishing articles that are strategically written for a healthcare organization’s key demographics can offer a much stronger boost to SEO, especially for smaller care networks.

A content marketer’s ultimate goal is to reach target audiences in meaningful ways that tie back to the brand. The objective should not simply be to publish — it should be to engage, inform and support the healthcare consumers of a particular community. Not sure where to start? Casual Astronaut can help you create content to connect with your consumers.