4 Reasons to Rethink and Reinvest in a Hospital Blog

A content hub is an indispensable resource that can help a healthcare organization have a conversation with its community.

It can also leverage a brand as a thought-leader in the health and wellness industry. But a smart, successful blog takes a lot of time and dedication. Here are four reasons to make the investment:


1. Community engagement.

Healthcare consumers are hungry for unique, credible information that can help them lead healthier lives. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 72 percent of Internet users reported looking online for health information about specific diseases or conditions, treatments or procedures, and doctors or other health professionals. This presents an excellent opportunity for any healthcare organization. By offering a rich perspective on why a hospital’s services stand out, that brand can expand its reach and gain new customers.


2. Valuable information fosters patient loyalty.

How-to posts — such as “How to Live Your Best Life After Surviving Cancer” — can build a loyal relationship with patients, who will see the author as an expert in healthcare who’s reliable for quality information. A healthcare blog can also offer wellness advice and describe the services that customers can get from the hospital system, or highlight research that teaches them new ways to be healthy. Doing so will demonstrate that the organization will go above and beyond to address its patients’ health issues.


3. Lead generation.

It’s relatively easy to make blog content actionable. Weave hyperlinks throughout posts that point to appointment scheduling, doctor biographies, contact information, more blog posts or patient portals. (We’re loving these creative email opt-ins.) Or call out other relevant ways that patients can connect with the hospital to receive the care they need, whether that’s finding a yoga series at an integrative health center or locating their nearest walk-in clinic.


4. A chance to showcase expertise.

Invite doctors and nurses to write or approve articles about the conditions in which the healthcare organization specializes, or feature providers who are recognized experts in their fields. Doing so creates awareness of a particular brand and credibility behind the expertise. Plus, the more the community feels a connection with hospital staff, the more inclined they’ll be to explore the organization’s services. A great way to do this is to bring the doctor into patient stories, which offers expertise and adds a human element that goes a long way for future patients. And don’t forget the professional community, either. Physician-focused content hubs, like Cleveland Clinic’s ConsultQD, establishes a hospital’s role as an industry leader and can add as a recruitment tool.



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