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Healthcare CTAs, 4 Ways

When it comes to actually converting healthcare content into measurable action by patients, it’s often the smallest amount of copy that ends up having the biggest impact. Draw inspiration from these healthcare calls-to-action that drive conversions.

Paper cut into the shape of a speech bubble that says, "Join us."

1. Tailor your message to a specific audience.

Ochsner’s To Your Health blog

Instead of using general CTA copy like “find a doctor” or “learn more,” Ochsner keys in on the content’s target audience (expecting moms) by addressing a primary concern (choosing a pediatrician) and providing a specific solution (a free prenatal consultation). And with placement in the center of the article, readers don’t have to scroll far to take that next step.

2. Entice readers with an offer.

Vanderbilt Health’s My Southern Health content hub

Vanderbilt capitalizes on its searchable, consumer-friendly content that’s tailored to life in the South to promote their email newsletter with a prominent and concise sign-up form. And instead of just offering healthcare updates, they sweeten the deal with a downloadable booklet of recipes.

3. Give it prominent homepage placement.

Mayo Clinic’s homepage

Mayo’s homepage is almost entirely one big call-to-action. With four clear, simple options offered to visitors the minute they land on the page, there’s no scrolling and sifting needed. Bonus: Patients can find what they’re looking for right away.

4. Go back to basics.

Cleveland Clinic’s email newsletter

When you’re reaching a large audience, sometimes keeping it short, simple and to the point is the best tactic. Cleveland Clinic’s email newsletter offers a primary CTA to find a doctor or make an appointment, along with an option to get a second opinion that recognizes the slightly more specific needs of some of the patients that turn to them for care.