Why Your Healthcare System Needs a Physician-focused Content Hub

Your consumer-facing site is chugging along — but what are you doing to reach that all-important, revenue-boosting audience: referring MDs?

Your marketing team is geofencing display ads, linking back to segmented landing pages and distributing engaging, consumer-driven content care of an automated email program. Traffic is up and so are conversions — new patients are booking health screenings, and existing patients are signing up for classes. At this point, it’s a well-oiled machine.

Except for the fact that it’s not doing much — if anything — to increase the lion’s share of hospital revenue that is generated by physician referrals.

Physicians, as you can imagine, are an extremely busy lot. An extremely focused lot, too, as interruptions only serve to distract them from their clinical duties. So how do you reach this audience, one which is absolutely critical to the success of your healthcare system? You reach them where they want to be reached — online — and you offer them the type of content they’re searching for: need-to-know info they can quickly consume and immediately use in their own practices. And in doing so — care of a physician-focused content hub, a digital home for research, clinical innovation and professional development — you begin to forge a relationship with referring MDs built on trust, credibility and communication.

But that’s not all you accomplish. Here’s what else you can expect from the creation — and maintenance — of an engaging physician-focused content site.

You’ll become a go-to resource for physicians in your region — and beyond.

In building out a full-fledged, consistently updated site for physician-focused content, you’ll ensure that your outreach to external clinicians is far more than transactional — or, even worse, self-congratulatory. By pivoting your messaging away from the hospital itself to content detailing how your doctors are piloting new therapies or utilizing new technologies, you’ll be positioning your institution as a vanguard for innovation and science, ultimately strengthening its overall reputation. You’ll be helping your readers become better doctors, and that’s definitely a feather in the cap next time they need to refer a patient to a specialist.

You’ll ensure your institution is always top of mind.

The key here is consistency. By consistently updating your content and by creating clear CTAs encouraging physicians to subscribe and follow along, you’ll maximize touchpoints that will enable your institution to remain relevant and useful beyond the transactional moment. On Discover, Vanderbilt’s physicians hub, readers can sign up for a biweekly email that’s refined by specialty — orthopaedics and rehabilitation, say, or OBGYN and psychiatry. In doing so, Vanderbilt avoids overwhelming physicians and nurtures engagement, ensuring that they stay in close contact with their referring providers.

You’ll make the referral process a breeze.

It goes without saying that managing referrals can be a cumbersome process, both for the referring physician and the hospital partner. Duke’s physicians hub, Clinical Practice Today, takes the guesswork out of the process with clear and concise CTAs on its homepage that encourage physicians to “Refer to Duke” or to “Find Duke Specialists.” On Discover, a physician’s profile accompanies each and every article, inviting the reader to click through for contact information and other bona fides. If both approaches are taken, you’ll ensure that referral information is layered in, whether the reader is actively or passively using the site. 

You’ll streamline physician communication within your system — and beyond.

By creating a centralized location to house and digitally distribute content specifically created for physicians, you’ll also improve relationships within your own organization.

The hub will become your doctors’ go-to for CME opportunities, collaboration and news. And while this will improve efficiency — and patient outcomes — internally, it’ll also serve as a powerful recruitment tool, as well as an opportunity to reinforce the notion of the health system as a true partner to its community at large.


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