What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Algorithm

The social media platform promises to be more “meaningful” for users. What does that mean for marketers?

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a significant overhaul to Facebook’s News Feed last month, noting two main shifts that prioritize:

  • Posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions
  • Posts from friends and family over public content

The takeaway: Companies should always diversify their traffic, never putting all their focus and budget into one channel. Still want to appear organically in the Facebook News Feed? It’s up to you to create exceptional, engaging content — content that elicits not just likes, but thoughtful comments.

And there’s no way around it: Facebook is an advertising platform and one that can successfully accomplish reaching, engaging with and converting potential consumers. A brand will need to spend more money on Facebook to keep in front of consumers. (That means being more strategic with those marketing dollars.)

We share five relevant takes on the change for marketers and how brands can adapt.

1. Comments are more important than likes, and long comments are better than short comments:

Wired: Facebook Tweaks Newsfeed to Favor Content From Friends, Family

2. What may be bad for businesses may also be bad for Facebook’s business:

The New York Times: Difficulties with Facebook’s News Feed Overhaul

3. Cut the “Tag a friend!” engagement-bait memes — and ramp up discussion-based posts:

HubSpot: Facebook’s News Feed Will Once Again Focus on Friends and Family

4. Expect fewer opportunities to buy ads, and higher prices. But fear not:

Adweek: The Ad Community’s Reaction to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm ChangeExpect

5. Facebook says advertising will be unaffected, but agencies say it’s an “amplification of pay-to-play:

The Wall Street Journal: Marketers Say Facebook’s News Feed Update Will Be ‘Nail in the Coffin’ for Organic Posts 

Looking for more information on how this recent change will impact your social media strategy? Let’s chat.


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