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Print Is Dead, Right? Wrong

Five reasons why print should be a part of your marketing efforts.

Person reading a magazine, illustrating the appeal print products still have for print marketing campaign.

Sure, it’s ironic to write about this topic in the digital space, but it must be said: Print is not dead. Print marketing campaigns still make an impact. Here are five reasons print has a place in the marketing world — and should be a part of your content marketing strategy.

In a digital world, print is special.

Our lives are spent scrolling, tapping and swiping. So when we’re able to actually touch and turn a real page, it engages our senses in a way that the online world simply can’t. These tactile moments that print marketing campaigns stick with consumers.

Print gives you ultimate control.

In the digital space, your marketing message is always subject to browsers, screen sizes, pop-up blockers and more. In the unplugged world, all that digital clutter falls away, leaving only your design and your words — exactly the way you want them to appear.

Print doesn’t face the same volume of competition.

Think of the number of emails you get each day. Now, how many engaging pieces of mail do you get? Chances are not many, but you remember them when you pull them out of your mailbox. Take, for example, Hopes & Dreams, the bi-annual publication we reimagined for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Adorable kids, an attractive design, magazine-style architecture: This publication turns heads (and drives brand awareness) for all the right reasons that print marketing campaigns do right.

Print can convey quality easier than an online article.

With an online article or landing page, there’s no paperweight to convey your brand’s level of quality. The audience doesn’t get a sense of the amount of work that went into a piece just by picking it up and feeling the weight of it. They can’t run their hands over the cover and admire the paper stock. Print allows you to express brand quality, craftsmanship and pride without saying a word.

Print is more personal than a status update.

So much about the online world is anonymous. (Is that tweet from a real person or a robot?) But with print, the message is delivered with a hint of intimacy. Many people have had to literally touch the piece before it makes its way into your hands. And because of that, one of the oldest forms of communication — words on paper — will always be something special.

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