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Our Work Niagara Falls USA

Encouraging Overnight Stays at an American Wonder

Niagara Falls is far more than a day-trip destination — here’s how we helped Destination Niagara USA prove that to prospective, hotel-booking visitors.

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Maybe you’ve already been to Niagara Falls, having checked it off the bucket list during your youth. Maybe you think it’s worth a day trip, but not a full-on vacation. Maybe you can’t figure out whether to stay on the U.S. side or in Canada. Sound familiar?

It was with this and more in mind that Destination Niagara USA came to C/A with a desire to boost that all-important destination metric: number of overnight stays. Our content-focused approach? Each season, we create segmented digital marketing campaigns to reach and engage drive- and fly-market couples, families, shoppers and adventurers, with the goal of tempting them into multi-day getaways at one of America’s natural wonders. These digitally minded campaigns give the organization a clear picture of their marketing efforts’ impact, and afford us the ability to shift gears mid-campaign as needed in order to maximize message saturation.

Digital Marketing

C/A manages all of Destination Niagara USA’s digital and content-marketing efforts, including managing paid and organic channels. Each season, we drive visitors to landing pages with audience-specific content that is specific to the season, incorporating strong calls-to-action. This content-centered approach improves visitor engagement, guiding travelers down a path to begin planning their trip and booking a hotel stay.

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2018 Results

85 million+ Impressions
11% Increase in users
45% Decrease in bounce rate
16% Increase in average session duration
21% Increase in organic search traffic
88:1 Return on investment

Beyond Blog Posts

Content isn’t secondary to these digital campaigns — instead, it’s the foundation of them. Here’s a look at some of the content we produce for Destination Niagara USA.


Our work doesn’t end when the campaign does. When the creative comes down, we dig deep into the analytics, measuring traffic, engagement and hotel bookings. We’re also tracking this data in real-time to monitor engagement, allowing us to shift pieces as needed to better reach our audiences. Destination Niagara USA can access their data dashboard 24-7 to gauge progress, as well.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s chat about a strategy that meets your needs.