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Our Work Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Fostering Physician Collaboration — and Reputation

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s physician-focused content hub, Discover, seeks to engage MDs while spotlighting research and clinical expertise.

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Physicians are extremely busy. They’re also extremely important to the success of any healthcare system. So how do you reach this audience, one with whom you need to establish a solid rapport built on collaboration and trust? You reach them where they want to be reached and you offer the type of content that would matter to them.

With that in mind, Vanderbilt University Medical Center enlisted C/A to create a digital home to showcase its research, clinical innovation and leadership in advanced specialty care — with the goal of promoting its physicians through a credible and consistent stream of digital content.

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There’s no content-for-the-sake-of-content on Discover. Every article, infographic or podcast is chosen to be timely and relevant to fellow physicians in their day-to-day.

The editorial strategy is built around positioning VUMC experts as thought leaders and boundary pushers, and the site as the go-to resource for clinical news and breakthroughs.

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Design & Build

For Discover, we designed a site that reflects the cutting-edge breakthroughs occurring at VUMC — one that’s nimble enough to communicate complex clinical content in an engaging manner, through a mix of blog posts, infographics, video, audio, etc.

Knowing that members of the VUMC team would be publishing regularly to Discover, our developers built the site in user-friendly WordPress to allow for easy and efficient updates on the back end.

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Content & Art Direction

VUMC’s Discover content is engaging and informative, but it’s also geared toward inspiring physician action. Vanderbilt physicians and researchers are featured as subject matter experts, and linked bios offer referring MDs access to more information. Prominent calls to action are embedded in the sidebar and in the post themselves, encouraging physicians to subscribe, refer a patient, follow VUMC on social media, etc.

The imagery employed throughout the site — whether illustrated or photographed — is carefully curated to ensure an elevated, consistent aesthetic, and, more importantly, to reflect VUMC’s diverse audiences. Infographics are used to provide further exploration of a topic, or to ensure clarity of complicated medical research.

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Email is a prime distribution channel for Discover content. Both automated and segmented sends ensure that the latest posts are delivered to interested physicians’ email boxes — and that VUMC consistently stays top-of-mind. A preference center allows physicians to tailor their experience to their specialties, receiving only the content most relevant to their professional needs.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s chat about a strategy that meets your needs.