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Healthcare: Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Driving Traffic

Are you making these common Facebook marketing mistakes? Here’s how to use your spend more efficiently — and drive more traffic to your site.

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1. You’re not targeting your ads correctly.

One of the biggest pluses of advertising on Facebook is the ability to target your ads to a very specific audience. Be sure to take advantage of the site’s targeting capabilities to put your ads in front of only those users who are most likely to need your service.

2. You aren’t optimizing your site for traffic.

Ensure your hospital’s website has a Facebook pixel placed on the pages you are driving to so you can set your campaigns to optimize for landing page views. This way, Facebook prioritizes serving your ads to users more likely to click and go to your website.

3. Your calls-to-action are focused on the wrong conversion.

When it comes to driving action from your content, don’t promote booking appointments directly on Facebook. Patients simply aren’t likely to actually book an exam on a social media site. Instead, focus on the health topic tied to the service line you are promoting, and use content to engage with the audience. Then drive them to an article or landing page that has a CTA to call or schedule an appointment.

4. You’re not creating real-time content to tap into trending topics.

If a healthcare topic is taking center stage in the day’s news cycle, get involved in the conversation by posting relevant content in your Facebook ads. Position your doctors and other staff as expert sources, and drive traffic to your site by answering common questions related to the topic at hand.

5. You’re overlooking the importance of images.

In an Instagram-driven era, it pays to invest in good photos. Make sure the images you use go beyond just being relevant — they should connect with the target audience and be positive in nature. Skip the photos of surgical equipment, gory procedures and sick people and opt for engaging lifestyle photos instead.

6. You’re setting your ads and then forgetting them.

To ensure you’re getting the most from your Facebook ads, take a more proactive approach. Examine each campaign frequently and make modifications to future ads based on that performance. Not sure how to make that happen? We can help.