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The Art of Repackaging Content

Refresh your top pieces to give your content longer legs.

Photo of multi-colored donuts, representing different ways you can package your content.

Repackaging, when done right, is a smart move for content producers. It can increase your exposure, stir up new engagement and up your output, all while being relatively painless and cost effective for you. Here are four ways to repackage — the right way.

1. Give videos new life as articles.

Your highest performing videos are ripe for repackaging picking — you already know these topics resonate with your audience. And since we know that people consume content very differently, offering video topics in article format will please those who loathe sitting through a video. Word of warning: Make sure the article feels like an article and not a running transcript.

2. Turn one piece into multiple social posts.

Your article (or video or infographic) no doubt contains a lot of great information, so why only choose one morsel to share on social media? Different takeaways can attract different audiences to the same content. Choose multiple elements from your piece to post throughout the social sphere. No editing of the published content necessary!

3. Make it seasonal.

One immediate way to make evergreen content more relevant is to make it seasonal. Say, for example, you have an article about the best parks in Boston. A few tweaks and voila! “The 5 Best Parks to Visit in Boston This Summer.” But don’t just put a new head and deck on it and call it a day. Thread the seasonal theme throughout the entire piece.

4. Make it newsy.

Disclaimer: We hate the word newsjacking. But the underlying idea is a valid one. When a celebrity gives birth to twins or mental health issues are suddenly thrust into the national spotlight, the public responds by seeking information on the topic. That means searches go up, and users take increased notice when those subjects appear in their feeds. Refresh relevant, previously published content by incorporating the news angle — just make sure the connection is natural and unforced.

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