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A Casual Guide to Holiday Gift Giving (and Getting)

A not-so-subtle list of everything your favorite astronauts want under the tree this year.

We’ve been very good in 2019. You probably have, too. Which is why we’re providing inspiration for what to give and what to get — and a peek at what might be making the rounds at the C/A white elephant shindig.

1 Katie Lee Rihanna
2 Katie Sunday NYT
3 Rachel Cooler

Katie-Lee Faulkner, Account Supervisor

“I love Rihanna. She moves with grace and purpose in everything she does, and her thoughtful interviews get me every time. She’s an absolute icon. While we await the elusive new album — now that’s what I want for Christmas this year! — this stunning coffee table book will have to do.”

Katie Bridges, Senior Editor

“You know how many copies of the Sunday New York Times my nearest Barnes & Noble stocks? One. Wanna know how many times I’ve snagged that one copy? ZERO. This year, I’d love a subscription to the Sunday times, please and thanks. I love reading New York Times Magazine and T online, sure — but I’d realllllly love a whole mess of dog-eared, highlighted, coffee-stained issues on my bedside table.”

Rachel Adams, Editor

“I love frosty beverages. Thanks to Coolest’s Vibe soft-sided cooler equipped with a universal mount, waterproof outer zippers and super insulation, my frosty beverages can go everywhere I go.“

4 Leigh Book
5 Ellen Birks
6 Lizelle Hat

Leigh Flayton, Senior Editor

The Family of Man is my favorite book of all time. It’s culled from a seminal 1955 photography exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. My family had a cloth-covered copy when I was growing up, and I spent countless hours marveling at how people looked and lived in countries around the world. It is a remarkable art piece, but also an uplifting look at humanity — thereby serving as a most excellent gift. In 2015, MoMA published a 60th-anniversary edition, and you still can get both hard- and soft-cover copies.”

Ellen Ranta Olson, Senior Editor

“All I want for Christmas is a new pair of Birks. Preferably the furry kind — perfect for those brutal Arizona winters.“

Lizelle Galaz, Senior Art Director

“The best moment of 2019 (and maybe one of the most iconic memes of our lifetime) turned apparel by the one and only Keke Palmer. Sadly, I’ve met my merch quota for the year, but I would gladly accept this as a gift. Until then, here’s my absolute favorite use of said meme.”

7 Colleen Tote
8 Drew Coffee
9 Sheriden Converse

Colleen Ringer, Managing Editor

“If I can’t have a Cardinals playoff berth or a winning Fantasy Football team this year, I guess this recycled bag is cool, too. I can use it to carry all of my hopes and dreams for the 2020 season.“

Drew McCullough, Editor

“Let’s face it — iced coffee is infinitely better than that hot bean water people call ‘coffee.’ I’m not sure anyone can really explain why, but it’s a thing. The problem is that you just can’t make iced coffee at home like they make at coffee shops. And that’s a fact, Jack. So in hopes of saving a few bucks every day, I’m putting the HyperChiller at the top of this year’s Christmas list. Cheers to a chilled cup of joe.“

Sheriden VanHoy, Art Director

“It’s a hard life for someone who wears the same pair of converse every day by choice. It’s also hard being a style icon with a touch of punk. With the weight of the world of my shoulders, a new pair of Converse with insoles that aren’t so worn down that I feel like i’m basically walking around with pieces of paper under my feet would be dope. But also look at that touch of orange — whoa.“
10 Tia Ballet
11 Paul NYT Cooking
12 Savanah Journal

Tia Peterson, Digital Producer

“The fact that the Phoenix Ballet performs just down the street from the C/A office makes Date Night a no-brainer, hint hint. I’m hoping for season tickets, but we can kick things off by catching an early dinner at Cibo followed by a performance of The Nutcracker.”

Paul Peterson, Chief Client Officer

“I’m often teased for my child-like palate and a fear of ‘too many flavors’ (grilled cheese and tomato soup really is a perfect meal), but I’m making a concerted effort to overcome my fear of raw chicken and to learn how to cook this year. I’m great at following directions, and a New York Times Cooking subscription allows you to build your recipe collection and download a shopping list, which is awesome for a novice like me. Prepare to be wowed at next year’s holiday potluck.“

Savanah Yaghsezian, Digital Marketing Assistant

“In 2019 I wanted to read more for fun, so my goal for 2020 is to write more for fun! To get myself started, I’d love to get my hands — or rather pens — on this chic version of a ‘one line a day’ journal. The best part? I can use it for a full five years and compare how my day-to-day life changes over time.”
13 Sonia Moccassins
14 Marc Poster
15 Felicia Book

Sonia Friedman, Account Director

These are hands down, the comfiest, most coziest slippers around. My current pair has survived seven-plus years and countless trips out of the house when I’ve ‘accidentally’ forgotten to take them off.“

Marc Oxborrow, Creative Director

Swissted is the work of designer Mike Joyce, who combines his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism to produce speculative posters for concerts from the ’70s and ’80s. In the best modernist tradition, he uses simple elements — one typeface, basic geometric forms — to create dynamic compositions that somehow capture the anarchic spirit of the music in an ordered way. I guess what I’m trying to say is these posters would look great on my wall.”

Felicia Penza, Art Director

“It is so hilarious to me that someone took the time to dissect the salacious gossip of teenage girls in a full-length film and translated it into Shakespearian dialogue. Can you imagine if they do this with Pulp Fiction next? I would buy EVERY book and assign parts to my friends to do a read through at dinner parties… you know, just for fun.“

16 Audrey Book
17 Colby Shaver

Audrey Hall, Art Director

“What could be better than a book about books for people who love books? A book about books for people who love books and illustration.“

Colby Karren, Digital Marketing Specialist

“In my opinion, shaving cream and disposable razors are for the birds. Having the chance to look freshly shaved in 10 seconds is a habit i’ll gladly adopt. Electric shavers are perfect for travel or when you need to get out of the house in a hurry. Especially for someone who can’t grow a proper beard.“

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