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6 Surprising Brands Creating Content We Actually Love

These companies and organizations are using compelling content to drive engagement and community — not just sales.

Content we love

Brands are busy doing what they do: creating, marketing and selling products or services … and publishing magazines.

Yes, you read that right. A surprising collection of brands is creating compelling content for their customers. From print magazines to insightful and well-designed blogs, brands are increasingly understanding the value of creating a content marketing strategy that doesn’t prioritize in-your-face brand pitches and product promo — and we’re here for it.

We identified six surprising brands that are creating content we love. From industry to audience to mission, these brands and their publications are different in almost every way. But they have one (very important) thing have in common: They’re creating compelling content that prioritizes engagement and community in order to drive the brand’s mission, and leaving heavy marketing-speak in the backseat.

Pivot by Callaway

This “unbranded” magazine by Callaway is all about golf — the game, its players and the subcultures around it — and not about the brand. Underlining its ultimate goal of celebrating the community around the sport, Pivot claims it’s not “just another golf magazine,” but a platform intended to connect golfers socially, digitally and directly.

Bumble Mag by Bumble

The introduction of Bumble Mag further solidified the brand’s move from a dating app to a social networking platform that encourages connections that drive friendships, relationships and career aspirations. Content creation ideas featured in the magazine stem from its app’s roots, with sections like “You + BFFs,” “You + Dating” and “You + Bizz.”

Peer by the Salvation Army

Branding and mission are front and center of this print magazine by nonprofit organization the Salvation Army. Peer projects its message of faith, community and culture to teens and young adults using content that serves its audience and mission, as well as on-trend, energetic branding and design.

Here by Away

This print and online magazine by lifestyle and luggage brand Away features content creation ideas informed by the travel stories of local, creative and influential people. Each issue of Here contains cultural reporting, travel journals, city guides developed by local creatives, and more.

Good Tips by OXO

While it may be surprising to see a brand known for its simple lifestyle solutions creating compelling content, the content of OXO’s Good Tips blog is no surprise at all — a collection of good tips for home and living. The insightful ideas that power the Good Tips Blog are actually useful, a delightful relief from let’s-pretend-it’s-not-promotion content that was once the go-to for brand-powered blogs, and its editorial-style photography featuring OXO products renders an experience akin to that of a magazine or well-curated social media feed.

Business Trends and Insights by American Express

This B2B information resource from American Express reads less like a blog and more like a thought leader-driven periodical thanks to its comprehensive articles and expert contributors. Content covers a range of topics to meet the information needs of business owners, such as growth strategy, company culture and, of course, money management.

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