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6 Healthcare Articles That Are Interesting, Informative and Drive Results

Looking for inspiration to create fun and effective wellness content? These six articles nailed creating interesting health articles. They’ve grabbed our attention, taught us something and made it easy to take action toward a healthier lifestyle.

1. “Why All Parents Should Read to their Children”

The author (a Vanderbilt University Medical Center doctor) reminds us how special reading to a child can be. She turns that emotion into education, enlightening her readers on the health benefits children gain from being read to.

Takeaway Tip: Taking a “human” approach to education can strengthen your audience engagement. Promote your staff as people who share similar daily lives as your audience.

2. “Quiz: Why Can’t I Sleep?

Interactive content invites your audience to actively pursue a memorable moment with you. Here, OhioHealth makes it easy for their sleepless audience to learn more about themselves in order to take action toward better health.

Takeaway Tip: Calls-to-action around appointment bookings add a layer of convenience to your content.

3. “Louisiana Car Seat Laws Explained

Ochsner Health System responds to Louisiana’s car seat legislation with “Our Advice.” Smartly, that advice links to more of their own content about car safety, as well as an easy point of contact for help with car seat installation.

Takeaway Tip: By understanding your audience, you’re in a better position to offer content that’s helpful in a specific way.

4. “10 Simple Substitutes for Healthy Eating

Thanks to its quick, no-nonsense tone, this article is easy to digest. It also drives a point of connection to Brigham’s Department of Nutrition, as well as a full library of healthy recipes. Win-win!

Takeaway Tip: Add value to your content by providing features that your audience can return to, such as recipes or quick wellness tips.

5. “Do Your Taste Buds Change as You Get Older?

Grab the audience with an unexpected topic; keep ‘em with a short, sweet and informative piece. Plus, it’s backed up by a credible source at Cleveland Clinic. (Meanwhile, we sure hope our superb taste in chocolate never fades.)

Takeaway Tip: Headlines can sharpen your message. Avoid getting too clever and let your original topics speak for themselves.

6. “Lupus Diagnosis Leads to Passion and Purpose

This article humanizes lupus, educates us on the symptoms, and aims to reach a large audience in creative ways. It’s actionable beyond only generating interest in the hospital.

Takeaway Tip: Think outside the box when it comes to calls-to-action by considering the various ways your audience may want to venture after reading.

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