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These Travel Sites that Make It Easy to Plan a Trip

The best content strategies go beyond simply entertaining readers and actually encourage action.

Below, see how a few of our favorite destination sites keep readers engaged by offering tools that help them make the leap from daydreaming about a trip to planning one.

Visit Maine: Trip Builder Tool

No two travelers are alike, and in a diverse destination like Maine, it’s likely that a one-size-fits-all suggested itinerary won’t quite cut it. The Visit Maine site lets potential visitors daydream and design their own trip with an interactive trip builder tool, making it easy for visitors to keep track of all the things they want to do, eat, see and try.

Visit Mesa: Destination Planning Itineraries

Take the guesswork out of trip planning by offering up distinct itineraries based on interest. Visit Mesa divided their traveler types into five groups — Adventure Explorer, Fresh Foodie, Sports Enthusiast, Culture Seeker, Active Family — and rounded up the best of the region for each interest.

Discover Long Island: Customizable Itineraries

A combination of pre-set itineraries and tools to build your own, Discover Long Island’s UTrip plugin lets travelers pick and choose from a wide array of activities. With set itineraries built around themes like history, culture and dining, there’s a jumping off point for almost every type of tourist.

Visit Napa Valley: Annual Events Calendar

From concerts and wine release parties to farmers markets and winemaker dinners, Napa Valley is home to a plethora of iconic experiences. While an annual calendar is usually a travel site cornerstone, Visit Napa Valley makes it easy for travelers to plan a trip around an event by organizing the listings into three categories: this weekend, next 7 days and next 30 days.

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