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4 Travel Marketing Articles that Inspire Visitors

To really see a return on your travel content, it has to go beyond pretty pictures. It has to reflect your business goals and drive users to take action. These four content pieces are picture-perfect workhorses.

Screenshot of Visit Tucson article that inspires visitors to come to the city.

1. Gather Your Girlfriends for a Winter Recharge

This article from Explore Minnesota blends two travel article essentials into one neat package: seasonal content and speaking directly to an identified targeted audience. And the numerous suggestions throughout ensure travelers will find something to suit their interests.

Takeaway Tip: Instead of trying to appeal to your entire audience with every article, identify opportunities to address niche audience needs with specific, targeted seasonal content.

2. Choose Your Own Spa Adventure

Content that is useful while also meeting a business objective — that’s the sweet spot. And this article on The Ritz-Carlton’s content hub, Journey, provides readers with valuable inspiration that’s actionable.

Takeaway Tip: Look to your business goals to find inspiration for content topics — but keep the user in mind as you hone the angle to ensure the end result proves beneficial to real travelers.

3. The Edible Desert

This is just one of five audience-specific itineraries created for Visit Tucson that ranged from foodies to families to adventure seekers. While it leverages targeted tips and related content, it also makes the itinerary a snap to share.

Takeaway Tip: Users want a frictionless experience. Make it easy for them by anticipating their needs ahead of time.

4. Charlotte’s Culinary Pioneers

So much in the travel content sphere revolves around what’s new and trendy. This piece from the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority provides a refreshing dose of history and nostalgia that sets it apart.

Takeaway Tip: Lean into the characteristics that make your destination unique. The result will be content that feels authentic and unaffected.

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