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4 Brands Creating Content That We Love

Discover why we’re finding inspiration in toothbrush content. No, really.

Side-by-side photos of branded content from Artifact Uprising, WeWork, Quip and People Footwear.

Create content, they say. You’ll get more customers, they say.

It’s true, if you do it well. Need some inspiration? These brands are creating content — from online magazines to email newsletters — that have our wheels turning.

1. WeWork

Grow — by focusing on individual communities

This award-winning startup specializes in renting out stylish office spaces all over the world to freelancers and businesses. But despite its global presence, WeWork is going hyperlocal. WeWork’s online publication, WeWork Creator, features stories of WeWork employee outreach programs and community development projects. Over on Instagram, you’ll find its account dotted with city-based hashtags, like #weworkstockholm and #weworknashville, effectively building community.

2. People Footwear

Create a stylish culture through content

People Footwear prides itself on simplicity and versatility, and its content reflects that. The website’s blog reads like a travel photo diary through Norway’s frozen lakes and Palm Springs pools — worn by the likes of Megan Fox, social media influencers, indie jewelry designers and more. The minimalist images seem like something a friend (with a good eye and better filters) would post on Instagram, instantly making the brand feel inclusive and accessible — prompting the viewer to join in on the culture they have created, together.

3. Artifact Uprising

Give your audience what they want

Artifact Uprising is dedicated to reviving the popularity of photo relics, like photobooks, photo albums and frames. But rather than focusing solely on hard sale, Artifact Uprising’s content focuses on photography as an art. Its Instagram account features very few product shots, and instead displays breathtaking photos from around the globe. And the company’s blog is showing its audience just how to take those enviable photos. Posts like “9 Tips to Photograph Pets” and “Chicago City Photo Guide” gives actionable tips to the photographer community — and reminds them that Artifact Uprising respects the art, not just the sales.

4. Quip

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Yes, it’s a toothbrush company. But the new company’s monthly email newsletter, The Mouthoff, is an unexpectedly sparkling example of content marketing. Simple, on-brand graphics separate bite-sized blurbs on teeth sensitivity, brushing tips (like how watermelon’s fibrous texture helps clean teeth) and more. One callout we love: Quip is donating hundreds of electric toothbrushes to The Ali Forney Center, which helps homeless LGBTQ+ youth.