At Starwood Hotels, Content’s Working for the Weekend

As travelers to turn to the web to plan their trips, Starwood is crafting articles, infographics and videos to make weekend getaways more memorable

Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ concept for its online content hub was simple: weekends. Whether extending a business trip in Chicago or simply flying to Los Angeles for a 48-hour getaway, consumers are increasingly living (and traveling) for the weekend.

SPG Weekends offers its loyalty program guests an authentic travel experience — one seen through the eyes of a local — to help their guests make the most of their stays. How’d Starwood do it? Articles, infographics, videos, photo essays and more, all leading to a richer travel experience and enhanced brand loyalty. And, Casual Astronaut helped. Here’s how we’re helping craft destination content that goes beyond transactions and arms travelers with the best the world has to offer — for a weekend trip, of course.

It’s just 48 hours to an easier vacation. The paradox of choice is a real thing, and we’ve all been there: You’re excited for an upcoming vacation, but overwhelmed by a destination’s countless restaurants, shops and attractions. SPG Weekends’ 48 Hours series helps alleviate some of that analysis paralysis with a two-day itinerary packed with insider spots, ranging from the best new breakfast spot to can’t-miss museums. These articles offer local picks in the coolest neighborhoods, while highlighting relevant Starwood amenities like spa services and chic cocktail lounges.

Themed infographics focus on local favorites. When words simply won’t do, an infographic can help. Informed by Starwood’s branding and design, SPG Weekends’ infographics are scrolling, graphic guides packed with must-see destinations. These travel infographics often take a theme based on a certain location, like Our Favorite Tennessee Dishes (and Where to Try Them!) or introduce travelers to local gems and neighborhoods they can’t miss.

Seasonal guides highlight travel-worthy events. By pairing locations with specific times of year, Starwood can capitalize on how vacationers search: Thanksgiving in Boston, Christmas in Chicago, etc. These seasonal guides highlight the city’s top events, festivals and destinations, calling out festivities to help shape travel plans.

Content addresses specific types of travelers. Sometimes it’s best to directly address a niche demographic with targeted content. For Starwood, that means identifying who’s traveling and what do they want to do? Think: couples planning a honeymoon or families looking for a quick getaway.  Discover why adventure seekers are heading to Blue Mountain and why Virginia is for outdoors lovers. It’s all about articles that engages very specific audiences with curated content, imagery and tone.

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