Design Snapshot: A Healthcare Site, with a Southern Sensibility

How a refreshed site structure and design for Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s My Southern Health helps patients explore content

As one of the nation’s leading hospitals and research facilities, Vanderbilt University Medical Center wanted a better way to reach current and prospective patients. The answer: My Southern Health, a content hub that reflects the health needs and sensibilities of people living in the South. Casual Astronaut originally worked with VUMC to conceptualize My Southern Health and create daily, consumer-friendly content.

Since the launch of the site in October 2015, My Southern Health published more than 375 articles, infographics, videos and quizzes. All of that content presented an opportunity to revisit the site structure and provide users with more options to explore health and wellness topics.

The refresh work Casual Astronaut just completed on My Southern Health included a deep dive into the category and tagging structure of the site, along with traffic analysis that ultimately informed the taxonomy recommendations.

Reflect the way users explore content. The first step was to introduce a secondary, drop-down navigation menu. Why? We wanted to expose additional opportunities for users to explore content. From there, we created a tagging strategy, removing unused tags, and associating certain tags with relevant categories to make sure no tags were left behind. Now, each level of navigation would serve users with a healthy dose of content, instead of just one or two articles.

Improve promotion and distribution. With a proper category and tagging structure in place, VUMC can promote and distribute more targeted content. Now, it’s easy to promote men’s health content during Movember, or allow subscribers to select the content categories they are most interested in.

Create a better user experience. Now that users can find the content they need, we then revamped the overall design. This included expanding the color palate, reducing image sizes to surface more content, and introducing right-rail sidebars, such as promotions and most popular posts.


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