11 Business Buzzwords We Hate

We have a big, authentic, synergistic idea. Are you ready to become a thought leader?

I hear what you’re saying. It’s time a take a deep dive on the buzzwords that can fast-track your marketing to the next level. We’ve got you covered with this robust listicle. (Or, if you’d rather table it, put a tickler on your calendar.)

1. Solve (noun)

I have an ask. Why are we all using verbs as nouns? Let’s dialogue it.

2. Synergy

3. “It’s pretty straightforward.”

Translation: It’s super easy, and therefore not like even having to do the work. So just do it. Quickly. Without questioning how much work it is.

4. Guru

5. Every Mashup Ever

Some portmanteaus are classic and, quite frankly, necessary. Example: brunch. Marketing mashups? :thumbs down emoji: We’re looking at you, fempowerment, newsjacking and listicle.

6. Action Item

Brb, writing my action item list for the day.

7. “Make it pop.”

Translation: Redo it.

8. Authentic

9. Ping

People who still say this probably have a Yahoo email account.

10. Aligned

“Yes, we are aligned with that suggestion.” Oh, you mean you agree? Great.

11. Big Idea

We’d love to hear your small (and medium) ideas! (Just kidding.)

Need more buzzspiration? Douchey Account Guy has you covered.


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